Freshen Up Your Home For Spring

09 May 2016 2:10 PM | Colleen Corrigan (Administrator)

Every home is beautiful in its own way. With today’s busy schedules, it becomes easy to set aside seemingly small home tasks for another day, but those days add up, and soon you may notice your home is in need of a good cleaning. Now is the perfect time to do a little Spring cleaning and get your home back in tip-top shape! Follow these few suggestions and your home will be back to its beautiful self in no time:



Do your closets seem to be bursting at the seams? Or maybe even your garage? Chances are, you could get rid of or donate a majority of the items cluttering up your storage spaces. By decluttering spaces such as closets and garages, you will have more available space and organizational opportunities.

Clean, Clean, Clean

When is the last time you gave your refrigerator a good clean? How about your oven? Have you looked behind the couch lately? Many people are guilty of putting off cleaning appliances and hard-to-reach areas for longer than they should. This is also the perfect time to check that all of your appliances are working properly.

Let the Sun In

It is finally warm again in Minnesota - open up the shades and let the sun in! Natural lighting will give your home a cheery atmosphere. Even if we experience some less-that-toasty Spring days (it’s Minnesota, after all) the added sunshine will naturally heat your home, so go ahead and turn off your heat! Don’t forget to give them a good cleaning to wash off all that winter grime!

painting tools

Fresh Paint Job

Picking a new paint color for your home will really help bring it back to life. By choosing a different paint color, you will create a whole new feel in any room. Now is the best time to paint because you are able to open windows, allowing the paint to dry faster and air to circulate.

Bring in Those May Flowers

Fresh flowers throughout the home not only create a beautiful aroma but also bring a pop of color into your home. Can’t wait for you own blossoms to open? Visit a flower shop or grocery store to find the perfect bouquet for your home!

These are just a few simple ideas you can do to make your house seem more inviting and more like a home. If you’re looking to tackle a bigger project this season, visit our website to find a CMBA member, research building,maintenance, and energy tips, and much more.